Business Intelligence with Embedded Analytics: The Information Lab Webinar

ID3 Software

ID3 had the opportunity to showcase its advanced analytics solutions during a dynamic webinar hosted by The Information Lab. Giovanni Patruno, CTO of ID3, shared his experience through practical examples, presenting high-level dashboards of ID3 Software.

At the core of ID3’s features lies its innovative use of embedded analytics. ID3 Software employs embedded analytics to swiftly generate compelling visualizations, leveraging the robust Tableau dashboarding engine. Clients have the freedom to seamlessly incorporate custom dashboards tailored to their specific requirements, expanding the functionality and versatility of the standard ID3 Software package. This level of customization empowers businesses to extract maximum value from their data assets, gaining deeper insights and achieving a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Embedded analytics, as exemplified by ID3 Software, represents a fundamental shift in the way data is analyzed and leveraged. By integrating analytical functionalities and data visualizations directly into the software application, users gain real-time access to critical insights within their existing workflows. This enables proactive decision-making, allowing businesses to swiftly detect and address emerging issues while capitalizing on opportunities for optimization and growth.

Key benefits of Embedded Analytics include:

Data Monetization

Embedded analytics can generate additional revenue streams for businesses, opening up new data monetization and analytics opportunities.

Seamless Integration

Thanks to the integration of reports and dashboards directly into the company’s applications, employees can easily access the information they need without interruptions in their workflow, thus improving data usability and the ability to make data-driven decisions.

Self-Service Analytics

Embedded Analytics reduces reliance on IT support by allowing users to explore data and gain insights through an intuitive user interface. This democratizes data analytics, putting the power of analytics directly into the hands of users.

Better User Experience

It simplifies the user experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and creating a distinctive competitive advantage. With a user-friendly interface, employees can easily access the information they need to perform their best at work.

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