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ID3 Multi-Well Benchmark Training for a Leading Oil Company

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ID3 Software

ID3 Software Ltd recently conducted a two-day training session on the ID3 Multi-Well Software for a group of drilling engineers from a leading oil company. The training aimed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the program’s navigation, familiarize them with the different dashboards, and provide them with the skills needed to analyze major drilling, tripping, and casing KPIs.

The Multi-Well Benchmark software offers a comprehensive solution for consolidating data from various rigs, seamlessly integrating rig sensor data with reporting information. Boasting an advanced rig state detection system, it merges these inputs with daily reporting codes to generate hundreds of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for drilling and flat activities. With its intuitive dashboard, users gain a holistic view of operations across all rigs, facilitating comparisons of performance against historical wells and company targets.

As a result of this training, participants have gained crucial knowledge to monitor most relevant performance indicators, optimize drilling operations, enhancing efficiency and decision-making processes within the company. Participants have expressed positive feedback regarding the practicality and relevance of the training content, noting its value for their daily tasks.