Mitigating GHG Emissions – Highlights from FWRD

FWRD-Weatherford-GHG Emissions
ID3 Software
#Emissions Reduction

In the past week, ID3 successfully participated in the FWRD Conference in Houston, presenting a speech on “Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Utilization of Lean Methodologies in a Real-Time Operating Center.”

Centro Benchmark powered by ID3 Software is dedicated to measuring and improving the performance of drilling and completion activities. The system comes with three main benefits:

  • Reduce non-productive time (NPT): By operating engines at their optimal load capacity, not only is the stress on equipment minimized, but also the engine lifespan is extended. This results in reduced maintenance costs and a significant decrease in overall downtime.

  • Optimize engines: The use of the diesel generators at the optimal load increase the efficiency, resulting in reduced fuel consumption per unit of power generated, translating into lower CO2 emissions.

  • Reduce Invisible Lost Time (ILT): Faster drilling can result in shorter overall drilling campaigns. Less time spent on drilling activities means fewer emissions generated over the project’s duration.