Invisible Lost Time (ILT) Evaluation

Invisible Lost Time (ILT) sources identification and necessary improvements indications to achieve the Technical Limit across all types of well operations.

minimalistic image featuring an offshore oil and gas rig

The ID3 Benchmark’s ILT Evaluation tool capitalizes on the capability to analyze multiple wells to calculate the Statistical Technical Limit. This technical limit integrates the top KPIs from selected wells to form a “best composite,” establishing a benchmark for optimal performance. The difference between this benchmark and actual performance highlights the ILT, focusing improvement efforts where they are most needed.

Our advanced suite of dashboards is designed to track ILT for both individual and multiple wells. These dashboards not only provide aggregated reports on Technical Limit, ILT, and Non-Productive Time (NPT) for all wells or selected subsets but also offer deep analysis options, breaking down data by well, phase, and specific KPIs such as ROP, WTW, and tripping speed. This enables a comprehensive understanding of operational efficiency and identifies potential inefficiencies.

To facilitate ILT analysis, super-users must define specific KPI targets within the benchmarking section of the system. Once targets are set, the system dynamically compares current well performance against these benchmarks, enabling drilling teams to align more closely with the Statistical Technical Limit.

Benefits and Features:

Advanced ILT Tracking: Pinpoints sources of ILT across various operational phases.

Statistical Technical Limit: Uses top KPI performances for benchmarking optimal operations.

Customizable KPI Targets: Allows for tailored target setting by super-users, crucial for precise ILT calculations.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Comparison: Facilitates operational optimization by comparing performance against best practices.