Performance Analysis

Tailored performance analysis services to optimize drilling operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency


We provide tailored performance analysis services to optimize drilling operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency. By offering precise metrics on equipment and contractors and continuously monitoring past performances, our consultants help minimize time and financial losses. This strategic approach supports the development of contractual strategies and the selection of optimal equipment, improving future drilling procedures. Our sophisticated analysis process thoroughly examines various metrics to ensure operations are cost-effective and efficient, paving the way for more effective and sustainable drilling projects.

Single Well Analysis:

This level provides a live and end-of-well assessment through HF data, such as gross/net ROP, time spent tripping, RIH, POOH, WTW, and connection times. These metrics are essential for understanding direct operational activities and their efficiencies. LF data expands the scope to broader operational metrics like Non-Productive Time (NPT), flat time, planning accuracies, cost, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, helping identify Invisible Lost Time and facilitating targeted operational improvements.

Multi-Well/ Rig Analysis:

This analysis compares performance across multiple wells, allowing for the identification of top-performing rigs from live and historical data. This is crucial for selecting rigs for future projects and during bidding processes. Operators can use data from offset wells to optimize well planning, thus enhancing efficiency and minimizing risks.

Super User - KPI Target Setting:

Super users play a vital role by setting and adjusting KPI targets, allowing for tailored benchmarks that meet specific operational needs. Effective target setting ensures that operational teams have clear objectives, aligning their daily tasks with broader strategic goals.