ID3 Data Manager

ID3 Main Computation Engine, with Automatic Activity Detection and KPIs Calculation

Data Manager architecture

ID3 Data Manager is designed to gather and process data coming from drilling rigs, integrating it with daily drilling reports, and seamlessly transferring it to the ID3 database or third-party applications.

Effective administration is crucial in ID3 for managing information among the other software components. ID3 efficiently collects and processes data from various sources and employs a proven QA/QC process to ensure analysis consistency.

Key Features



Seamless connectivity to the most common drilling protocols WITS level 0, WITSML 1.3.1, WITSML 1.4.1, etc. and well data in the reporting database via an intuitive interface


Extensively Tested Algorithms

ID3 algorithms that have undergone rigorous testing procedures to ensure their reliability, accuracy, and effectiveness across various scenarios and datasets


Accessible Raw Data Source

Dedicated API for direct access to the raw data source

data manager

Comprehensive Data Storage

Storage of both raw and processed data in a centralized data lake for efficient data management