ID3 Multi-Well

Information from Different Rigs or Wells Consolidated Through the Combination of Rig Sensors and Daily Drilling Reports

multi-well ID3 dashboard

ID3 Multi-Well benchmark software is dedicated to the measurement and comparison of the performance across single well or multiple wells. It includes NPT reporting and investigation, KPIs analysis, ILT identification, and engineering analyses.

The software facilitates the consolidation of data from various rigs by merging rig sensor data with daily drilling reports. This consolidation provides a holistic view of drilling and completion operations across the rigs, enabling performance comparisons. The software’s flexibility allows for configuration to suit specific KPIs analysis requirements.

Compare dozens of wells together in order to calculate the best performance.

The ID3 Suite improves the current performance compared to a set of offset wells. It enhances the expertise of the drilling engineers and operators by supporting them with detailed analytics. The ID3 Suite demonstrates an enhancement in performance when compared to a group of offset wells, providing drilling engineers and operators with invaluable support through in-depth analytics.

ID3 is simultaneously enhancing operational performance and bolstering the expertise of drilling operators through its analytical platform. Benefits of ID3 have been measured with CAPEX savings of up to 8%.

Key Features


Accurate Performance Metrics

Precise and impartial measures of operational performance on drilling time and flat time thanks to the integration of the drilling reports


Automated Data Integration

Automatic integration of the data from rig sensors and daily drilling report software such as Reporting or third party (Wellview and OpenWells)

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Statistical Technical Limit Calculation

Automatic calculation of the Statistical Technical Limit and the identification of the Invisible Lost Time

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Customized KPIs Reporting

Full customization is available to accommodate the client's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), allowing for the creation of personalized reports, per phase, per day or for the entire well